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Run It Back

honeycrisp apple, orange, chocolate caramel

12oz | $15

Organic | Fair Trade

Run It Back is an easy drinking coffee you can brew for multiple cups any time of day. We use two Latin American coffees - Guatemala Heuhuetenango and Honduras COMSA Marcala. 

This comforting cup brings notes of both tart and citrus fruits which lend to a smooth chocolate caramel finish. It's a crowd pleasing classic leaving your cup empty a bit faster than you wish. That's okay, just brew another and run it back.

Certified Organic

Specialty-grade coffee farms typically operate with an environmental stewardship program in place, but may not have the means to obtain organic certification. We made a point to use only organic certified coffee for this blend to give our customers that extra level of confidence and transparency in the product. 

Fair Trade

Again with specialty-grade coffee, workers are often paid Fair Trade prices and in many cases much higher. Coffees in this blend have been given Fair Trade certification. The price premium funds paying teachers' salaries, school supplies, investments back into the farms, as well as diversification investments in chicken farms, avocado trees, and local cafes. 

Cafe de Mujeres

We've intentionally seeked out coffees from Women owned farms and co-ops. The Guatemalan coffee used in this blend is from the Las Duenas Cafe program, a group of 182 female members of the ASOBAGRI cooperative. The co-op promotes gender equality and specifically with this program, women technicians who provide training and technical support tailored to the needs of the members. These include strategies to use coffee pulp to make organic fertilizers, transportation cost reduction and plant nutrition for better yields. 

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