What is Toppagreat?

Toppagreat is synonymous with your own personal pursuit of greatness. That greatness isn’t one size fits all—it’s unique to every individual. We aren’t about the pressure to be the very best or have all the answers. Rather, Toppagreat is about deliberately working to achieve your own definition of great, taking small steps with big intention every day to become a better version of you.

We’re not out to charm the coffee elite. Toppagreat takes a welcoming approach, roasting thoughtful blends with more purpose than posh. But make no mistake: Our beans are the result of going all-in on our craft—no shortcuts, only the pursuit of great coffee. We then invite customers to consider what they get out of their daily cup: Energy, inspiration, motivation, enjoyment. All of these things make space for each person to chase their toppagreat. Coffee gives us the stamina to strive. It also gives Toppagreat a foot in the door to pursue connections that will make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

Toppagreat Coffee Roasters

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Use coffee as a means of pursuing passion and connection alongside fellow entrepreneurs and artists who share our values.


Roast stellar coffee and see our beans brewed to fuel creativity and the pursuit of greatness.

The Tortoise

The Tortoise

Slow and steady, the tortoise marches boldly with strength and confidence. It started with the choice to come out of his shell and enter the race. Now, step after determined step, the tortoise inches toward victory. How does he get there? By doing what he does best and daring to be a tortoise in a hare’s world.

Our biggest failures are the dreams we don’t chase, the races we don’t start, because we can’t find the guts to take that first step. To reach the finish line, you have to begin. Come out of your shell, overcome your fears, and dare to bring your personal best time and again.

In life, worthwhile achievements take time. Rabbit trails may distract and deter. But by focusing on the path at your feet, you’ll keep moving forward. Unlike tortoises and hares, there is no real finish line in this race we’re running. Just the next step. The next bar to raise. The next personal best to strive for. Each day is a chance to make strides—