Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase Toppagreat Coffee?

You can purchase our coffee directly from our online store.
You can pick up bags at two locations in Fort Mill, SC.

Salt Water Markets

Fort Mill Pharmacy

Can I purchase ground coffee or only whole bean?

We prefer you purchase whole bean because grinding your coffee right before you enjoy it results in the freshest cup, however, we understand not everyone has a grinder at home. 
On each product page, you can select between whole bean and ground coffee. We will grind it for you on our Mahlkonig EK43 grinder. 

When do you roast your coffee?

Currently, we roast on Monday and Thursday of each week, and Sunday as a backup. Frequency can vary depending on order volume and some coffees are not roasted each session. 

How long after the roast date should I wait before drinking?

Coffee needs time to degas or "rest" once it has been roasted. The recommended time is 2-5 days, but can vary as much as 14 days. This period of rest allows CO2 to escape from the beans allowing the natural flavors of the coffee to come out. If you drink your coffee during this degassing period, the extraction will be uneven due to the overwhelming amount of CO2 escaping during the entire brewing process. 

When do you ship your coffee?

Orders requiring shipping are fulfilled daily Mon-Sat with orders placed after 3pm ET processed the following day.

What days of the week are local delivery?

Orders for local delivery are handled on Tuesday and Friday of each week. 
If you're in our area, local delivery will be an option to select at checkout.

Is local delivery free?

Yes, sure is.

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