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Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Lemon, Apricot

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Complete Technique is a meticulously crafted espresso blend that embodies continuous improvement and the pursuit of coffee excellence. We worked with champion baristas to achieve an impeccable balance of acidity, sweetness, and bitterness that one expects in their espresso. This blend delivers rich notes of dark cocoa and brown sugar, complemented by zesty hints of lemon and a subtle apricot tang.

With Complete Technique, we embrace a mindset of constant growth and creativity, always seeking opportunities to elevate our craft. From mastering essential skills to pushing beyond comfort zones, we are committed to the endless journey of improvement. This blend represents our dedication to delivering exceptional coffee without shortcuts. While to others it may seem the journey is complete, we always seek ways to sharpen our technique

We invite you to savor this unique coffee and join us in the pursuit of your own success. Remember, our work is never finished—technique speaks, and this blend is truly one of a kind.

Enjoy the journey, for greatness awaits.

Coffee Details


Brazil, Honduras, Ethiopia

Roast Level

Med Drk

Taste Like

Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Lemon, Apricot




Washed-Natural Blend