Bringing Toppagreat to life demands pushing beyond my comfort zone. While roasting coffee has become second nature, connecting with others through this creative outlet requires confronting uncomfortable realities. Fear, self-doubt, criticism, and rationalization have held me back, depriving not only you but myself of what Toppagreat truly represents. This internal struggle has left me sick and unsettled. I find myself in the same spot, having the same goals but with a better plan of attack. The planning is safe as it’s behind the scenes. Nobody can judge because nobody knows. There is no connection made with planning. You have to step out of your shell, overcome fears, and dare to bring your personal best time and again. In doing so, you nourish your soul. The outcome becomes secondary; the journey, continuous. In the pursuit of your best, fear should be a constant companion, challenging you but not preventing progress. Writing this post wasn't intimidating, but hitting 'publish' took time. Why now? Because a life restrained by fear from chasing my Toppagreat is even scarier.

Ask yourself: What are you postponing due to fear? Is fear limiting your growth? Acknowledge the fear, understand its purpose, and decide how you'll confront it. Fear is a powerful force; your response determines its impact on your journey.

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