To bring Toppagreat to life requires me to venture into things that make me uncomfortable. Roasting coffee is comfortable (it wasn’t always this way), but to connect with others through this creative outlet demands more. I’ve shorted you, even more myself, of what Toppagreat represents due to fear, self-doubt, criticism, and rationalization. It’s made me sick and unsettled. I find myself in the same spot, having the same goals but with a better plan of attack. The planning is safe. It’s behind the scenes. Nobody can judge because nobody knows. There is no connection made with planning. You have to come out of your shell, overcome your fears, and dare to bring your personal best time and again. In doing so you grow your soul. The result doesn’t really matter because you’re going to keep going. When you fail, you try again. When you achieve success, you set new targets. 

If you're chasing your best, there should always be a degree of fear in your work. The challenge is to not let fear prevent you from moving forward and achieving the outcome you seek. Writing this post wasn't scary. Hitting publish, however, has taken some time. So why now? Because a life not chasing my toppagreat due to fear is even scarier.

Ask yourself what you're putting off due to fear. Are you limiting your growth and development because you've allowed this fear to hold you back? That fear is there for a reason. What will you do about it?

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