What is Toppagreat?

In a word, perfection.
It's setting your intent and exhausting yourself to achieve it.
When achieved, you've reached toppagreat. 
But is this ever realized?

Even more, toppagreat is the person you’re trying to become. A moving target of perfecting yourself. When you think you arrived to this ideal state it’s too late. You’ve already reset the bar for what you can do and who you want to become. Because whatever your pursuit, when taken seriously, puts you on a lifelong journey. The more you know, the more questions you raise. The better a practitioner you become, the more you see the faults in your technique. Perfection is the goal, but perfection is, mercifully, unattainable. As long as you’re on your journey, you’ll continue to raise the bar because each day is another opportunity to get better. Each day is another opportunity to do something great.

We want to achieve our toppagreat, and by doing so we hope to help you achieve yours.

Toppagreat Coffee Roasters was created as an avenue for us to apply our passions. The role coffee has in peoples daily routines allows us to share our love and hopefully leave you feeling better and more equipped to achieve your toppagreat.