Our Story

What is Toppagreat?

In a word, perfection.
It's setting your intent and exhausting yourself to achieve it.
When achieved, you've reached toppagreat. 
But is this ever realized?

Toppagreat represents the person you’re striving to become. Toppagreat is the goal, but toppagreat is, mercifully, unattainable. This is because you’re always resetting the bar for success. When you can view toppagreat as a path you go down instead of a destination you arrive at, it starts to feel accessible and attainable. Most importantly, toppagreat is you. It is your vision for yourself, undeterred by the expectations of others and the incentives designed to steer you off path. Those chasing toppagreat have no choice but to discover their true self, design the life they want, and live this life to the fullest. As long as you’re on this journey, your journey - you’ll continue to raise the bar because each day is another opportunity to get better. Each day is another opportunity to do something great.

We want to achieve our toppagreat, and by doing so we hope to help you achieve yours.

Toppagreat Coffee Roasters was created as an avenue for us to apply our passions. The role coffee has in peoples daily routines allows us to share our love and hopefully leave you feeling better and more equipped to achieve your toppagreat.

Bobby Carter

Bobby Carter

Bringing my passions to life for others to enjoy.

Chasing Toppagreat

Toppagreat was something I coined in high school as sort of an alias. I always found the name to be enchanting and deserving of more attention, and over the years, the concept of toppagreat evolved. Toppagreat became more than a word or name, it was something I was traveling towards yet never arriving.

While attending Clemson University, I created a new product, pitched it to QVC, and was featured in Hypebeast and The New York Times. This experience pulled an energy out of me I never felt before. After graduation, however, I followed the conventional path of getting a 9-5 job. I loved sports and started my career helping professional sports teams where I worked with industry leaders to revitalize the brand for a Major League Baseball team, and led a National Basketball Association team’s digital marketing program to first place in engagement metrics. I moved on to installing custom digital analytics implementations for an online retailer and on the proprietary tools of a financial institution. None of these jobs, however, gave me the sustained excitement I experienced in college bringing my product to life. After never really hitting the defined levels of success at these corporate jobs and having exhausting conversations with myself and at times my wife, I realized I needed to go back to my core. It was in this moment I decided to stop my comfortable path and return to my chase for toppagreat.