Blends vs. Single-Origins


A blend is a combination of coffees from different countries or regions. The primary reason we blend is to achieve a consistently delicious flavor. Creating our own proprietary blends that will taste the same throughout the year is how we do this. Every coffee roaster does this, however, how they go about it can vary and significantly impact the final cup. There are commercial roasters who sneak in cheaper, lesser-quality coffees in an attempt to increase their margins. We do not take this approach. Our blends use high quality, single-origin coffees to achieve a flavor profile that is repeatable and delicious. 


A single-origin coffee can be traceable to a single place - one country, one region, one farm, or even one part of a farm. They typically have a distinct flavor based on the growing and processing conditions of that region. Flavors can be heavily influenced by many factors including botanical variety, soil, climate, altitude, and shade. A coffee from Kenya is going to produce bright, complex berry qualities with intense acidity. Compared to coffees from Guatemala where you'll find a range of flavors anywhere from sweet, fruity and complex to heavier, richer and more chocolatey. We typically roast our single-origin coffees lighter to highlight the flavors inherent to the bean rather than the roast. 

Is one better than the other?

There is no right or wrong answer. Great coffee is the coffee you love to drink.

I love single-origins for the excitement of drinking something new. I love engaging in the sensory experience for each coffee and and being amazed by the uniqueness in the aromas and flavors coffee can have across countries, regions and farms. 

I love blends for their reliability. They're the Toyota Camry of coffee. There is something comforting knowing there is that coffee you love waiting on you every day. 

How can I tell if your coffee is a blend or single-origin?

We'll definitely get more creative from a design perspective as we grow, but for now it's pretty straightforward. Our blends will be labeled accordingly.

Blend Packaging Label

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