The Explorer Blend Series

The Explorer Blend Series

We are just getting started in our journey of professional coffee roasting. A step in this journey involves developing delicious coffee blends so our customers can expect a familiar tasting coffee from us. The Explorer Blend Series is the outcome of experimental coffee blends we get excited to share with our customers. Our goal, however, is to ultimately develop a handful of blends that hit on the flavors we want in a cup of coffee throughout the entire year. Those blends will be elevated to a flagship coffee and become a permanent offering for our customers to enjoy. Other blends may appear as seasonal offerings to fit the time of year, event, cause or for really any reason. 

Each blend in the Explorer Series is designated as a number representing it's sequential release order. If the blend returns as a flagship or seasonal offering, we will rename the blend. You can have some fun trying to identify which number in the series was used ; )

As always, thank you and stay cool.



    If you want to know more about blends and our approach - check out our article Blends vs. Single-Origins.


    Explorer Blend Series History

    1. No. 1
      January 2021
      Brazil, DR Congo, Guatemala
      Chocolate, Marshmallow, Almond, Orange

    2. No. 2
      Coming Soon
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